"My session with Alex was a life changing experience. I have never felt like such a sexy badass before. The whole day was spent making me feel empowered, confident, sexy, and fierce. I was a little nervous going into my session as I have never done anything like this before. However, Alex has such a welcome My nerves disappeared the moment I walked through the door. During the session, Alex just gives you such empowering compliments and she shows you the photo she's taking of you. This experience made me have such a way better relationship with my body and the way that I look at myself and how I now walk more confident and proud. If anyone is thinking of doing a session, it's worth everything. I just booked a couple sessions with Alex because I want to share this experience with my husband. I could write all day about how my session honestly changed my life and I'm not being dramatic. It's so hard to put into words sometimes. What this experience did and meant to me but all I can do is if you're thinking about booking a session, book it now." - K

"Ok ladies, book the shoot. I had an amazing morning with Alex and the ladies! It was so nice and relaxing to sit and be made up with a mimosa. Alex directed every shot and was so easy and fun to work with, and the shots she showed me just blew my mind! I already told my hubby he's gonna have a hard time choosing

You'll leave feeling so confident and sexy, the best thing I've done for me in a looooong time. Just do it. " - H

"I can’t say enough about my session with Alex- I was asked to join this group by a friend and I really didn’t know what it was all about, but I loved her photography. I decided to take a chance and booked a session it was amazing Alex made it so easy and I felt very comfortable and relaxed with her, awesome experience." - K

"Ladies, do yourself a favor and BOOK THE SESSION! I cannot understate the love and empowerment you get from having a session with Alex. She makes you feel super comfortable, hypes you the f up, and makes you feel like you are queen of the world." - A

"I felt pampered as soon as I walked in!! The robe and slippers were so sweet, and getting my makeup done there was so convenient and made me feel like a goddess! I already felt comfortable with you, but that is the biggest thing that stood out to me! I didn't feel awkward and you helped so much in exactly how to pose, as well as laughing along the way at weird arm placements haha! Honestly looking at the pictures makes me realize how sexy I am and gave me a whole new look at myself. I think when I have time to go through the album and stare at the pictures I'll be reminded of that every time. You are so gifted and I am so happy to have these pictures for life! But I can't forget to mention the WINGS because I felt reborn in them and they gave me so much confidence. I wish I had my own pair." - A