Hi, I'm Alex!

I'm an ambivert & gemini through & through. I'm tough on the outside but my heart is pretty fragile. I love pizza, the ocean, running & cuddling with my Luke. I swear all of the time & can't sing for sh*t but I gurantee you'll hear me sing haha.
I've been on my own journey of self love & it has changed me. Boudoir & Intimate photography has allowed me to be apart of so many other's journeys & it means more to me than anything. Are you ready to be the badass I know you are?!

I'm Ready!

Thats me + my Babes,

It all began at Wendys when we were 16......but let's fast forward to now. This man lights up my world like nothing else. He challenges me, supports me & is my complete better half. He's patient, kind & makes me laugh until I cry. He also drives me absolutely mad with his dad jokes, sarcasm & cookie habits hahah But he is my person & I love every piece of him. We've been traveling this world together for over 9 years now & I wouldn't have it any other way. I break his shell & bring out his adventurous side & he brings me home & tames my chaos.

My Lukey

I love him more than anything, even his dad. We share the best cuddles & I wouldn't have a spooning partner without him. If you've ever met Luke, you know how much he wants to sit ON you & get those butt scratches. He just loves love. He is the sweetest thing in my life & has brought me more happiness than anything else in this world. You can follow along on his adventures here.

Photography top down by Brittany Ford + Alex Z Photo + Brittany Ford